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Ultra Slim 60x60cm LED Panel 40W CCT 4400Lm UGR19 LIFUD driver

24.95 € (tax incl.)
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The 60x60cm Slim LED Panel is an innovative product in lighting and decoration systems. Its ultra-slim design makes it the ideal alternative to T5/T8 fixtures. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily installed on any type of ceiling or wall. It features an elegant and modern design that resembles a natural light entry.

With a CCT color temperature selector, the panel allows the selection of color between Warm White 3000K / Neutral White 4000K / Cool White 6000K.

White frame. Microtextured PC diffuser with a low glare index UGR<19.

SMD2835 LED chip, with a luminous flux of 4400 lumens. Includes a high-efficiency and flicker-free LIFUD driver.

Dimensions: 595x595x9mm
3-year warranty

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The 60x60cm Slim LED Panel is an efficient and modern lighting solution designed for commercial and residential spaces. With its sleek 9mm thickness and elegant design, this LED panel provides uniform and high-quality lighting, enhancing the aesthetics and visual comfort of any environment.

UGR<19 Rating

UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a measure used to evaluate the glare caused by lighting fixtures in work environments.

A UGR value of less than 19 indicates that the fixture provides lighting with low or no glare, meaning it is comfortable for users and does not cause visual discomfort. Glare can be harmful to eye health, causing eye strain, difficulty concentrating, and decreased visual performance.

Therefore, it is important to have fixtures with a low UGR, especially in environments such as offices, classrooms, hospitals, or any other place where optimal lighting is required for visual tasks.

The UGR rating is based on factors such as the distribution of light, the position and quantity of luminaires, as well as the layout and position of observers in relation to the light sources.

A UGR value of <19 ensures comfortable and glare-free lighting, contributing to a healthier and more productive work environment.

Main Features:

  • Thickness: Slim and compact (9mm thick), optimized for space saving.
  • Material: Durable and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Power: Reduced energy consumption of 40W, with superior energy efficiency.
  • Brightness: Provides bright and uniform lighting without glare.
  • Color Temperature: Available in various color temperature options (warm white, natural white, and cool white).
  • Lifespan: Long lifespan of up to 35,000 hours, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Installation: Easy to install on ceilings, on surfaces or suspended (additional accessories required).
  • Energy Saving: Up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional lamps.


  • Shops and Businesses: Highlights products and creates an attractive environment for customers.
  • Commercial Spaces: Ideal for illuminating common areas such as corridors, lobbies, and waiting rooms.
  • Homes: Adds a modern and elegant touch to any room, from the living room to the bedroom.
  • Hospitals and Clinics: Provides clear, flicker-free lighting to ensure a comfortable and safe environment.

Important Notes:

  • The 60x60cm Slim LED Panel complies with safety standards and regulations.
  • Installation by qualified personnel is recommended.
  • To achieve maximum performance and durability, avoid direct exposure to moisture and extreme heat.

With the 60x60cm Slim LED Panel, you will get efficient and stylish lighting that will transform any space into a bright and pleasant environment!

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Product Details

Data sheet

Power (W)
Power source (V)
Color temperature CCT
Seleccionable 3000K-4000K-6000K
Brightness (Lm)
Luminous angle
Power factor
Measures (mm)
Aluminum + PC
LIFUD flicker-free
Operating temperature
-20ºC ~ +40ºC
Energy efficiency 2021
Energy efficiency 2023
3 años
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Ultra Slim 60x60cm LED Panel 40W CCT 4400Lm UGR19 LIFUD driver
24.95 €
In stock: 400 Items